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Title: Introduction to Digital Systems Design
Authors: Donzellini, Giuliano
Oneto, Luca
Ponta, Domenico
Anguita, Davide
Keywords: Boolean Algebra, Binary Arithmetic, Arithmetic Circuits, Karnaugh’s Maps, Quine-McCluskey, Combinational Networks, Sequential Networks, Synchronous Networks, Finite State Machines, ASM Charts, Logic Networks, Digital Circuits, Digital Networks, Digital Systems, Logic Circuits, Numerical Circuits, Controller Datapath Systems, Digital Electronics Deeds
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Springer, Cham
Abstract: This book has been designed for a first course on digital design for engineering and computer science students. It offers an extensive introduction on fundamental theories, from Boolean algebra and binary arithmetic to sequential networks and finite state machines, together with the essential tools to design and simulate systems composed of a controller and a datapath. The numerous worked examples and solved exercises allow a better understanding and more effective learning. All of the examples and exercises can be run on the Deeds software, freely available online on a webpage developed and maintained by the authors. Thanks to the learning-by-doing approach and the plentiful examples, no prior knowledge in electronics of programming is required. Moreover, the book can be adapted to different level of education, with different targets and depth, be used for self-study, and even independently from the simulator. The book draws on the authors’ extensive experience in teaching and developing learning materials.
ISBN: 978-3-319-92803-6
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