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dc.contributor.authorKOK JUN KANG-
dc.contributor.authorLINGGESWARY A/P WARADARAJU-
dc.contributor.authorGUILLIANA CHELSEA ANAK HENRY-
dc.description.abstractRobotic arms are arguably the best way of executing continuous, repetitive movements accurately and precisely. 3D printing provides flexibility in designing and manufacturing products, complementing subtractive manufacturing methods, thus increasing material efficiency. 3D scanning creates many opportunities, especially when used in conjunction with 3D printing. In this research, we aim to combine these 3 technologies into a single product, simplifying engineering design processes, for a more sustainable, eco-friendly, material efficient future. In the present market, there are only 3 robotic arms capable of 3D printing available commercially. 3D replicating machines are also very limited and pricey but often with disappointing scan quality. The objective of this study is to produce a 3D Replicating machine that is as portable and cost efficient as possible. Besides, we want to build a robotic arm with both 3D printing and 3D Scanning features. We mainly used subtractive fabrication methods, namely lathing, milling, and welding to produce parts of the robotic arm. Soldering was used to connect electrical/electronic components. After all is set and built, coding was involved to program the arm. The robotic arm operates with respect to the Marlin firmware signature. It is able to create medium sized sophisticated 3D models by extruding melted plastic (ABS, PLA, and TPU) filaments through a nozzle. It is compact, user-friendly, and cost efficient. To further develop and improve this model, cheaper or more eco-friendly materials may substitute aluminium for the arm. The program code should be revised to simplify operational procedures and perfecting the quality of 3D printing and 3D scanning.en_US
dc.publisherPoliteknik Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah, Shah Alam Selangoren_US
dc.subjectAutonomous robots-
dc.typeFinal Year Project Reporten_US
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