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dc.contributor.authorSeri Hafsah Binti Ab Razak-
dc.contributor.authorPushpa A/P Jegannathan-
dc.identifier.isbne-ISBN: 978-967-2258-97-1-
dc.description.abstractNowdays, physiotherapy assistant needs to gain data and determine the rehabilitation process of every patient with a walking problem. This is because healthcare assistants don't have any tools that can come out with the precise data collecting.In order for gait rehabilitation treatments to be effective, a precise data analysis of a patient's gait is necessary. Supination, pronation, instability in the left foot, and instability in the right foot can all be detected through gait analysis. These abnormalities should be noticed immediately to correct our walking posture and avoid injury. However, the existing technology that has been applied to healthcare assistants only uses observation by perception without data for a user walking. Healthcare assistants could not get the exact data and analysis for the treatment progress besides hard to find in the market. Those techniques are still quite expensive for the consumer market due to technical reasons and the complicated instrument for measuring body movement. For this product, we’ve developed a home-based gait analysis shoe system. This paper aims to develop, record, and analyse the walking performance of users by collecting data from pressure sensors to determine whether the walking pattern is normal or abnormal.Families and healthcare assistants can keep a close eye on the person wearing the device by uploading and viewing an app-generated summary of their gait data. It is possible to monitor the wearer's gait by integrating sensors, wireless technology, and social ability with computer software.en_US
dc.subjectgait analysisen_US
dc.subjectpressure sensoren_US
dc.subjectshoe’s insoleen_US
dc.subjecthealth monitoringen_US
dc.subjectwalking postureen_US
dc.titleThe Development Of Detection Walking Posture Abnormalities Patient In Human Gait Using Pressure Sensoren_US
dc.title.alternativeNCTS: 2nd National Conference on TVET Undergraduate Studentsen_US
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