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dc.contributor.authorTS. DR. HJ. ZUNUWANAS BIN MOHAMAD-
dc.contributor.authorTS. DR. HJH. WAN ROSEMEHAH WAN OMAR-
dc.contributor.authorSTEPHANIE KELLY-
dc.contributor.authorCHAI GOW XIAO-
dc.contributor.authorWANG WEE KEE-
dc.identifier.isbneISBN No: 978-967-0032-67-2-
dc.description.abstractRehabilitation technology is a crucial and increasingly relevant field in today's world. As medical electronics engineering advances, biomedical sciences are also gaining prominence day by day. Therefore, one of the academic contributions in this field is the production of chapter books. These books serve as a valuable resource for academia, researchers, professionals in the biomedical field, and individuals interested in engineering. Through the publication of this book, I, as the writer, aim to share my experience and expertise in the realm of rehabilitation technologyen_US
dc.publisherUNIT PENERBITAN Politeknik Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shahen_US
dc.title.alternativeVOLUME 1en_US
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