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Keywords: brick
rice husk
recycled materials
Issue Date: Jun-2020
Abstract: The effect of plastic bags on the environment are quite devastating, so we want to use plastic to produce "ECO Interlocking Brick" and we also use paddy husk. In Malaysia, plastics have been identified as a major pollutant but the recycling campaign over the years has had too little impact. Alternatives to hazardous plastic products are biodegradable plastic products and compost. The Federal Territories and Melaka have decided to allow only biodegradable and compost products in their territories, the definition of which is based on international standards. The objective of our project is to determine the water absorption and compressive strength of the "ECO Interlocking Brick" and to produce the "ECO Interlocking Brick" For this project, we will use rice husk from Kampung Berangan, Tumpat, Kelantan, and plastic from (MBSA) Shah Alam Municipal Council. After getting all the plastics, heating the pan over 100 Celsius they put the hard plastic into the pan. When the plastic is melted, put the rice husk into the pan and mix with the plastic. Once the mixture has become liquid, place the mixture in a hot mold and cover the mold with a lid with little compression. When done, place the mold in cold water to make hard plastic. After completing the block, we tested the block with test bricks including absorption test, strength test and thickness test at Salahudin Abdul Aziz Shah Polytechnic (Civil Engineering Department Workshop). Finally, after getting the results we compare the eco paver block with the interconnected bricks. For future suggestions, plastic thawing machines can be produced not only at Polytechnics but worldwide to reduce pollution and recycle plastic
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