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Keywords: DMP
Issue Date: Jun-2020
Abstract: In today’s highly competitive business environment, it is crucial to have a sustainable operational that continuously strives for lower overall manufacturing cost. One strategy to have a lower overall manufacturing cost is to reduce product failure by developing the ability to predict production flaws at the earliest possible stage alongside the entire value-added stream since it can reduce expensive trial and error attempts at the real manufacturing floor. The final report is focusing on investigating major imperfection in coupled processes food dehydrator. A food dryer is an appliance that has a compact space and hot ventilation that can be used as a dryer. The use of food dryers is often used for small scale. In the process of drying, there is a process called (dehydration) where there is a process of transfer or production of food water content to reach less than the previous water content. This food drying machine can be done using a variety of ingredients, one of which uses food ingredients. Drying with foodstuffs has two main purposes, namely as to prolong the life of the food to be stored and by reducing the water content to prevent the growth of microorganisms. The objective of the study based on the machine we created is to be used as a source for humans to know that a food can last longer if using the machine. This machine can also facilitate the process of drying food more efficiently. It also shows the best effect on the food. the method of tool used is for food preservation where the food will be dried using a food drying machine. this aims to preserve food from the growth of bacteria and yeast through water removal. The findings of the study conclude that, this food dryer can clearly reduce the burden of consumers, especially business who use food dryers to produce sales results. Therefore, consumers who use these food dryers can produce more quality and durable food product results. our project, it can help in economic terms that traders can further process food products that are more durable and high quality as well as can save time.
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