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Title: Eco Bathroom Dryer
Other Titles: CiE-TVET 2022
Authors: Zurena Lemen
Isma Afiza Ismail
Keywords: dryer
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: UNIT PENERBITAN Politeknik Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah
Abstract: Toilet and bathroom accidents often occur in residential areas. Accidents can lead to various problems, especially injuries that are serious and fatal. A common problem encountered in toilets and bathrooms is that the floor is wet. The wet ground will affect the walking speed of the user. The damp ground became the culprit of the accident. The existing dryers are bulky, and are especially used for toilets in supermarkets or shopping malls. Therefore, our research is to produce water that is small in size and easy to dry on the ground. The goal of use is to help reduce bathroom and toilet accidents in the home, and to promote maintenance work while performing maintenance. In addition, the method used therein determines the problem that occurs. The data analysis techniques used come from questionnaire surveys and internal research. In addition, we have created design projects to ensure that these products can reduce unexpected problems applicable to homes. Then create a project design based on the data we reviewed. The implementation of the project is carried out at the specified time and place. In this study, the products produced can reduce problems that occur in small areas such as homes and offices
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