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Title: Development of Portable Muscle Therapy for Skeletal Muscle Injury by Using Electrical Muscle Stimulation (Ems) and Near Infrared
Other Titles: CiE-TVET 2022
Authors: Asmira Ashari
Yaakub Omar
Keywords: electrical muscle stimulation (EMS)
near infrared heat
rechargeable battery
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: UNIT PENERBITAN Politeknik Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah
Abstract: Muscle injuries can broadly be classified as traumatic (acute) or overuse (chronic) injuries. Acute injuries are usually the result from a single traumatic event and caused a macro-trauma to the muscle. Whereby, chronic injuries are a chronic or exercise-induced injury which are subtler and usually occurs over a long period of time. Hence, muscle injury can be healed rapidly if the patient went for a muscle therapy that provided by a medical practitioner by using a muscle therapy device. The two common muscle therapy is Electrical Muscle Simulation Therapy and Near-Infrared Heat Treatment But the problem faced by the patients that lives in the rural areas are they have hard time to go for a muscle therapy due to the distance between their home and hospitals. Therefore, this project focused on designing a muscle device that is portable and easily carry for the use of treatment for patients that lives in the rural areas that will be provided by the medical practitioner. This project is to help people that lives in the rural areas to get treatment as other people that lives near to the hospital.
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