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Authors: Muhamad Zariez Ariezal Bin Nasrudin
Affan Daeny Bin Abd Rokhim
Muhammad Fahmi Bin Ishak
Muhammad Syahmi Izzat Bin Mohd
Nor Masita Binti Sulaiman
Keywords: Egg Carton will replace Asbestos
Issue Date: Jun-2020
Abstract: Asbestos Ceiling is a type of ceiling that has been used directly or indirectly around the world and there is a lot of cases related with health and involving death due to usage of this type of ceiling. Previous research proved that, the number of unused Egg Carton is increasing year by year, due to growth of population around the globe. Besides using Portland and White Cement, Stopping Compound, this project will use Shredded Egg Carton and will replace Asbestos as the main material for making the ceiling, from this it will help to prevent any kind of disease that came from Asbestos and also could recycle and reused waste materials such as Egg Carton as well. Therefore, this study is conducted to determine the effects of changing Asbestos with Egg Carton in ceiling production and also to turn waste materials as usable items. The data that were carried out was from Tensile and Bending Test conducted on the ceiling .We found that our ceiling is a bit brittle and we need to do compaction onto the ceiling to make it more stronger to hold any kind of load. Hence, we recommend to make our ceiling as a Suspended Ceiling.
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