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Authors: Nurul Huda binti Mohamd Saleh
Nor Kharul Aina binti Mat Din
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: UNIT PENERBITAN Politeknik Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah
Abstract: Medical imaging is a very broad field, encompassing mechanical and electrical engineering, physics, mathematics, computer science, and, of course, medicine. All of this knowledge has been consolidated for one purpose: to improve patient health through non -invasive imaging. This e-book was created with the goal of providing an overview of some of these fields and how they are used in medical imaging. The authors of this e book come from biomedical and academic backgrounds and hope this contribution can make an impact in the field of biomedical-related education. The x-ray is the most common and oldest form of radiology, and it is the key to many radiological procedures. An x-ray is a relatively simple procedure in which x rays are emitted by the machine as particles that pass through the body, being absorbed in different frequencies by different internal structures until they are detected by the sensitive film, which produces the image. The x-ray creates images that look like the shadows of internal structures like bone and tissue. The operating principles of an x -ray machine are also highlighted for the reader’s understanding of how an x -ray machine produces images. The biological risks due to radiation exposure and safety measures are clearly described in this e-book.
ISSN: eISBN No: 978-967-2044-87-1
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