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Title: The development of smart lock container game for slow learner children
Other Titles: NCTS: 2nd National Conference on TVET Undergraduate Students
Authors: N. A. Moktar
NM. Kamaruddin
N. Roslan
A. A. A. Wahid
Keywords: Slow learner
Arduino Nano
HC-05 Bluetooth Module
Assistive Technology
Issue Date: Jul-2022
Abstract: A slow learner is someone who takes longer to understand things than the typical person or who needs many explanations before grasping an idea. Because of the Covid19 pandemic, children are frequently distracted when studying something at home, and because of their parents' difficulties and lack of ideas on how to engage their children in learning at home. Smart Lock Container Games for Slow Learner Kids were developed to address this issue. This device can assist slow learners in learning while also allowing them to have fun answering questions at home. Slow learner children are required to play a game or answer questions while being supervised by a parent in order to open a locked container containing prizes for them. It is a novel approach for assisting and encouraging slow learners to study or generate interest in learning, as well as improving their thinking skills when solving the game to open the lock.
ISBN: e-ISBN: 978-967-2258-97-1
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